My 11 most popular Tweets

I’ve found that Twitter is my favorite professional feed. I follow the people I want to follow. It lets me kill ads dead. (And there’s gossip!)

Here are my most highly rated Tweets…

I have this PPT show, “Everything I know in 60 slides.” #43: “I know Kris Hermanns was right.” VO: “Her rule: if you suck at conventional fundraising tactics like direct mail acquisition and retention, you will also suck at the Shiny New Thing.” The SNT saves a few. NOT you, if you suck.

What does it mean to be a professional, I was wondering? It means you’re trusted to have the best interests of the organization at heart. Which means you’ll train. You’ll strive. You’ll try to exceed. And the only thing that will break you is lack of trust and ignorant bosses.

Well, the results are in. My family sent me birthday greetings. Aug. 3. My dear friends sent me birthday greetings. Colleagues around the world sent me birthday greetings. My dentist sent me birthday greetings. My financial advisor, too. NONE of my charities sent me HBD greetings

Just heard it again in Indianapolis. A fundraiser rises in SHARP defense of HER nonprofit board and the incredible people serving on it, especially the board chair. I believe they’re defending exceptions to the rule. I believe most nonprofit boards are unsuited to the serious task at hand: governance. I vote clown noses until proven innocent.

Why it doesn’t get old: you reinvent the “job” sometimes daily, almost always weekly, for sure monthly, plus several times a year it takes a big turn. Which means reinventing “me” a lot.

“Third: you cannot run a successful business this way. Officially, you might be a ‘nonprofit.’ But you still need a viable business model. You need to keep the lights on and the salaries paid. You need a plan. AND you NEED to grow.” Free-range fundraisers, USE your training.

As far as history’s concerned HOW POPULAR YOU WERE evaporates like dew. WHAT you move forward = ALL that matters … tomorrow. PUT A GIFT IN YOUR WILL. That moves stuff forward fast. A gift in your Will will probably be the most important gift you ever choose! YEAH: Do it.

“Second: Why are they undermining you? Fundraising goals means YOUR neck is on the line. This is sound policy: The chief fundraiser [not the CEO, CFO, COO nor board chair] MUST, without question/interference, CONTROL/APPROVE every word and image in your donor communications.”

Want to leave a career legacy? Dear Fundraiser: Had your predecessor 10 years ago fired up a competent bequest marketing program, today your organization would be SWIMMING in money.

Y call first-time donors? “My best story is about a client I convinced to call all first-time donors… a $250 gift turned into $140,000 within 12 months because they picked up the phone (operating budget under $2M—so $140K was BIG!)” ~ Diane Remin, , 2018

I’d no more leave an exclamation point off a message to a target audience as run out of my not-in-flames house without trousers (shorts, this time of year). If you can’t bear to add another exclamation point, time to retire, vacay? #donorlove is right. Is it right for you?

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