An Ahern audit: There’s nothing even close

Have you ever asked yourself, “I wonder if our donor communications are actually any good?”

Most donor communications I see are built to fail, not succeed. They are riddled with hidden and unsuspected flaws.

Find out why the ROI on your donor communications is maybe so bloody poor.

A confidential Ahern audit measures your donor communications against more than two dozen vital criteria … ranging from the technical (“Is it highly skimmable?”) to the psychological (“Is it too happy or sad?”) to applied neuroscience (“Does it flatter the donor sufficiently?”) to vocabulary (“Does it pass the ‘you’ test?”).

Audit client, Megan Hodges, Harlem RBI 2015: “Tom, Thank you. How you can make a group of people this excited to read about what they have to work on – I don’t know. But our team couldn’t agree more with your insight in this audit. Your observations reinforced our suspicions around some of our work and made us look critically at other areas that we’ve never really considered before. We can’t wait to implement all of this amazing feedback into our work.”

Now you and your boss will know … for sure, in detail … whether your donor communications meet professional standards in key performance factors such as donor-centricity. (Spoiler alert: they probably don’t.)

Just as important as the critique and insights, you will ALSO learn exactly how to correct the stuff that isn’t working. An Ahern audit doesn’t just tell you what’s wrong; that would be half an audit. An Ahern audit tells you how to fix the problems.

There are audits that consist of a report. Then there are “live audits.” They include the report, but they also include staff training, either on site or through a webinar/Gotomeeting format.

Audits generally run in the $10-20K price range.

It’s a serious investment that pays for itself quickly and many times over, clients find.


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