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“How do you feel about putting the first page of the appeal letter on the org’s usual letterhead?”

…someone asked on the Fundraisingology Lab’s private, members-only, exclusive, secret, you’re not probably yet part of it, did I mention “CLOSED,” Facebook discussion group: So I REPLIED to the question… (and today, at this moment, I knowingly violate my Fundraisingology Lab “Bat Oath of Secrecy”…by sharing my answer w/ you) “If I can,” I said, […]

Anchoring and other fussy important considerations

What goes first? Second? Last? (Never?)   I’ve known Ken O’Quinn, Writing with Clarity, for centuries. We met through IABC (the International Association of Business Communicators). Ken’s from Portland, Maine (incredible food town, if you get the chance). I live in Rhode Island. All the IABC meetings were around Boston, so we met in the […]