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Why, the Book of

Someone in the UK asked me to maybe write a “HOW TO” standard desk reference re: donor communications. It got me thinking about WHY. [The new book might open something like this…] My dear, dear reader… As Mark Phillips, the award-winning founder of Bluefrog London, insists: “The only thing that matters a damn is the […]

Historians argue


Which did more damage to society? The Black Plague? Or charity watchdogs? Nonprofit boards now FEAR spending money … even when the point is to MAKE much more money, as organizations most definitely can. How do you pile up $350,000 in donations every month using Facebook alone? By spending $50,000 on sponsored posts and ads, […]

To every new fundraiser…

“The struggle for justice is a marathon, not a sprint. And the biggest contribution that any one of us can make is maintaining a lifetime of involvement until we win those struggles.”— Kumi Naidoo, former Greenpeace International ED; via Reinier Spruit, 101Fundraising blog 1. Successful fundraising is hard work. Even unsuccessful fundraising is hard work. […]

What DO donors want from you?


[photo l-r: SOFII’s Joe Burnett; Damian O’Broin, founder Ask Direct; Canadian John Lepp, co-founder Agents of Good; Mark Phillips, founder Bluefrog London; in Damian’s favorite Dublin pizzeria, scheming during Summer School 2016] Bluefrog London has studied this very question for years. Mark Phillips’ report follows, below. >> Just in time for Giving Tuesday and the […]

Sad photos: They work, but….


[Left: Oxfam built one of the world’s largest relief agencies with “in your face” newspaper ads like this. Today, those ads would be branded “poverty porn.” Image courtesy Mark Phillips’ Pinterest collection of Old Charity Ads]   Reducing a life to a single sorry snapshot: Are fundraisers feeding a negative stereotype of “those people”? It’s […]