Donors don’t like being “educated.”

At least not in a dull schoolroom sense…


DONORS are not proto-employees.

They don’t need to know the underlying pedagogy and the precious details.

They are NOT your organization’s “mini-me’s.”

Know your target audience, above all. It’s the first (and only) rule for success in marketing (i.e., fundraising’s other name).

Each donor made that first gift to your organization because of their self-identity … NOT for your reasons.

You do NOT convince people to give. They give for their own reasons, personal reasons, private reasons, reasons to do with self-identity usually.

Even calling them “reasons” is mislabeling.

These “reasons” are ALWAYS emotional triggers at work.

I give because you’ve touched me somewhere I had a pressure point.

“I felt guilty.” I gave.

“That could have been me.” I gave.

“That was me.” I gave.

“That was my friend.” I gave.

“I’ll never get into heaven at this rate.” I gave.

A million reasons. None of them yours.

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