Pig Poo Direct Mail Stirs Strong Response

Special $45 crap offer proves popular with donors Down Under

Next time out? Surprise your donors in YOUR direct mail. Your results might surprise you back.


On behalf of my subscribers — a committed family of life-long learners and creativity enthusiasts — I want to warmly and genuinely thank Jonathan Krause, Community Action Manager at Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS), for reaching out and sharing his new direct mail appeal and its results.

It just goes to show you: pretty much any topic will work, even pig excrement, when handled with authenticity, good humor, and clear purpose.

As you know, sending something unusual can generate unusual results. (Exhibit A: the “Ruby the Hummingbird” mailing created by Agents of Good for Ontario Nature and available for your study on SOFII. This letter “penned by a bird” lifted both response rates and average gift amounts.)

Here’s the back of the ALWS envelope:

direct mail envelopeHere’s page 1 of their 4-page letter:

direct mail letter

Here’s the enclosure, showing how pig waste converts to cooking gas for the kitchen:

direct mail enclosure

Here’s the reply device:

direct mail response device

And the results?

“I’m pleased to tell you the campaign is going gangbusters,” Jonathan wrote a few days ago. “in just 10 days, we are 75% of target, so we will smash it.”

Take chances.
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