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When You Need a Great Case for Support

For capital campaigns of note. “Tom Ahern … is one of the country’s most sought-after creators of fund-raising messages.” – The New York Times, Nov. 2016

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What people are saying about Tom
  • “Now, not only does the newsletter generate tons of planned giving leads (thanks to an insert/reply form and BRE that surely will result in millions of bequest dollars) but it ALSO generates a lot of revenue for the annual fund. In fact, I just found out that this … issue distributed to about 15,000 people generated over $227,000. Wow!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

    Greg Warner, MarketSmart
  • “Not that you don’t already know this, but your approach works! The piece dropped the Sept. 1 and has already seen a 400% income increase and a  1,000% increase in donors from our June newsletter. Plus, it inspired one donor to designate a legacy gift. This is why you’re the master!”

    Jim Smith, Carti Foundation
  • “We adapted some of what you sent us and created a donor-focused fundraising campaign that is already exceeding expectations in the first week. We are on day 3 of the campaign and are already 31% of the way to reaching our $15,000 goal! We definitely couldn’t have done this without your advice and support. Your presentation was definitely a turning point for us. Thank you so much!”
    CHOICES, Memphis Center for Reproductive Health, Holly Calvasina
  • “It is official … thanks to your [direct mail appeals] you have helped the foundations at Sharp HealthCare receive over 10,000 Doctors’ Day gifts. A mere ‘thanks’ doesn’t come close to the gratitude we all have for you.”

    Jim Sardina
  • “Thank you for putting together these two fantastic presentations! Both of them were particularly insightful, thought-provoking and entertaining. Our team is keen to start applying what we learned in our communications going forward.”

    Laura U.
  • “I also want you to know your blogs & advice have helped us raise more than $9 million since I started following you! For that that I will always be in debt.”

    Crisis Aid International
  • The stars aligned this week. On Monday, I saw that Tom Ahern’s training on case statements would take place this week. I signed up and watched the first one on Tuesday. First thing Wednesday, my co-worker came into my office to let me know that he had scheduled a meeting with a major donor on Thursday morning and that he needed to put a package together sooner than planned due to our donor’s timetable. So I cleared my day and spent all of Wednesday assembling the pieces we had already collected using the format that Tom shared in the training the day before.

    Final results: my staff members were thrilled, the donor – impressed. Now we await the results. But no matter the donor’s final decision, we’re well on our way toward having a tight package for our major gifts meetings as a result. Thank you Tom.