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What does Tom Ahern’s only-one-of-its-kind-on-the-face-of-Planet-Earth training get you?

Tom Ahern’s training is about just one thing: helping your nonprofit make MORE money from its investment in donor communications.

Chris Davenport, 2018, founder, Nonprofit Storytelling Conference: “When I think of the feeling I want with the conference, and how I want attendees to experience it, my mind flashes to an image I have of you from the very first conference. You were sitting on the edge of the stage, all relaxed. You were talking to an attendee who looked like she felt really heard by you. It’s a beautiful image. You were so approachable, caring, and thoughtful. When I think of the best of the conference, I always think of you.”

Jerry Panas, March 2017: “It was a brilliant presentation. It got some of our highest marks. I had never really heard you in a presentation. I had been told you were great. You are!”

Another March 2017 testimonial:

“The stars aligned this week. On Monday, I saw that Tom Ahern‘s training on case statements would take place this week. I signed up and watched the first one on Tuesday. First thing Wednesday, my co-worker came into my office to let me know that he had scheduled a meeting with a major donor on Thursday morning and that he needed to put a package together sooner than planned due to our donor’s timetable. So I cleared my day and spent all of Wednesday assembling the pieces we had already collected using the format that Tom shared in the training the day before.

“Final results: my staff members were thrilled, the donor – impressed. Now we await the results. But no matter the donor’s final decision, we’re well on our way toward having a tight package for our major gifts meetings as a result. Thank you Tom”

DOWNLOAD a PDF “menu” of my speaking topics HERE.

DOWNLOAD a PDF of an actual presentation HERE. Custom created for the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference in Chicago, November 2016.

Here is what fundraisers who’ve taken the training, attended workshops and subscribed to Tom Ahern’s free “tips” newsletter have said, once they put his techniques to work:

“[Due to government cutbacks] we’ve had to double our fundraising from individuals since my arrival 3 years ago, and unlike a lot of nonprofits in our area, we’ve always been able to meet the challenge, thanks to you.” [agency for homeless youth]

“… your blogs & advice have helped us raise more than $9 million since I started following you!” [small but rapidly expanding faith-based relief charity]

“…366% uptick in giving.” [major urban library system]

“…our online donations doubled this year!”

“In just four years, our legacy society doubled in size. Last year, we had 33 sign up.” [average bequest gift to this particular community foundation: $1 million]

“…our best year ever.”askdirect_256

“…our best year ever.”

You can say that EVERY year. Great training made simple is the key.

  • You’ll learn about “persuasion psychology.”
  • About the amazing benefits of switching from “org-centered” to “donor-centered.”
  • About writing successful direct mail.
  • About what makes digital different.
  • About the riches hidden in mid-value donors.
  • About making tons of money from print donor newsletters.
  • About the complexities and real costs of Facebook fundraising.
  • About charitable bequest marketing (and how simple it is).
  • About creating a megawatt case for a billion-dollar campaign.
  • About the true function of thanks and reporting.
  • And about the real profile of the typical donor … why they give, how long they stay, how much could you ultimately raise from them.
  • DOWNLOAD a PDF “menu” of my speaking topics HERE.
training by Tom Ahern

There’s even a T-shirt.

“I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at AFP International … and was blown away at the level of simplicity [with which] you were able to communicate such great concepts.” — Trudy H., development officer at a Boys & Girls Club

Let’s chat about your goals.


Sign during my 3-city “distillery” tour, March 2016, organized by the fabulous Montana Nonprofit Association.

Training comes in many forms and flavors. I’ve done staff training online and in person. I’ve spoken to 10 people and 1,000 people.

Call me in the US at 401-397-8104Or fill out this form.

“…much of what we are doing now in regards to donor centricity was inspired by your wonderful presentation…. I am convinced that the reason why we have grown in the last years of tough economic conditions in the country is because of that wonderful switch that you inspired [in our communications].” ~ Angel Aloma, ED of Food for the Poor, a billion-dollar aid charity

DOWNLOAD a PDF “menu” of my speaking topics HERE.