Books by Tom Ahern

Why I love writing books

It’s simply reciprocity. The very human behavior Dr. Cialdini talks about.

So many mentors, colleagues, teachers, companions, friends have selflessly shared with me their hard-earned knowledge.

Books are how I hope to somehow pay back their generosity: by enshrining the many things they’ve taught me on the page, attributed, stated clearly, with good examples. I am a “how-to book” snob. I wanted to write ones that were useful and true.

How To Write Fundraising Materials That Raise More Money (#11 in Top 20 Fundraising Books)

Seeing Through a Donor’s Eyes (the case book)

Making Money with Donor Newsletters (#1 in Top 20 Fundraising Books)

Keep Your Donors (co-authored with Simone Joyaux, ACFRE; #7 in Top 20)

20 Questions: The Donor Communications Test [FREE PDF download]